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5 Reasons Why Rabbit Vibrators are a Woman’s Best Friend

Gone are the days when a woman had to depend on a partner to understand what her body liked. Masturbation is the key to locating the pleasure point of your body. This is made more accessible with various sex toys available on the market. The most promising and popular among those are the Rabbit Vibrators. While this vibrator has existed for a long time, it was made famous in 1998 at the hands of the popular TV show, Sex and the City. It is time that we appreciate the existence of a sex toy. The taboo is broken. Let us discuss why a woman should always opt for a Rabbit Vibrator.

There are innumerable reasons to grab the rabbit vibe. In this article, I’ll give you my top 5 reasons why this fantastic toy will be your next best friend!

  1. Double pleasure!
    It is bliss to please both your G-spot and Clitoris. That too, at the same time. The Rabbit Vibrator tickles at the right places. No man can provide this combination of pleasure. If you are wondering how a vibrating rabbit can stimulate both your internal and external pleasure points, then it is the unique design that deserves all the credit.

    This device has evolved to fulfill a woman’s needs. As the name suggests, the vibrator is modeled just like a rabbit. The rabbit has two arms- internal and external. The inner arm is responsible for catering to the G-spot alongside the vaginal canal, and the external arm sends waves to the clitoris. The key to using this device is prepping it with a good amount of lube. There are plenty of options to choose from. All a woman has to do is to pick a design that is best suited for her.

  2. Versatility
    One can explore a wide variety to have fun.
    Not only are many designs available in the market, but there are different features. Rabbit vibrators have rotating heads that are dotted with beads and pearls. This stimulates the vaginal wall. If you want to get the similar feeling of a penis thrusting, Rabbit Vibrator would do the work for you but only better.

    The most exciting part of these vibrating rabbits is that they come in waterproof models. This means you can hop onto your shower and have some extra fun. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The most exciting part is that they are not noisy. This vibrator allows you to consider infinite possibilities and get creative with your masturbation sessions.

  3. Fast Orgasm
    Let’s face it. Women have had fake orgasms for decades now. Research shows that more than 90% of men usually experience orgasm during intercourse whereas, in comparison, only 50% of women experience orgasm. It’s tragic, right? But Rabbit Vibrators live up to their reputation. These vibrators help women to reach climax more quickly than penetrative sex. This is the best sex toy when it comes to reaching climax quickly. Technology has advanced, and women have taken up severe and successful roles in the workforce. Women often get less time to look after their needs because of their busy work schedules. In a fast-paced life, if you are looking for some quick fun, Rabbit Vibrator does the work for you. If you invest in vibrating rabbits, experiencing an orgasm is guaranteed. It is an excellent toy for the inexperienced or even for beginners.

    Many women who have used Rabbit for the first time have reached a climax in minutes. Not only will you orgasm faster, but it will be longer. A survey shows that women using this vibrator orgasm longer than they do without this toy. One can even have a blended orgasm. Apart from the G-spot clitoral stimulator, there is an option to pick a design with three stimulators. The triple stimulator has anal beads attached to it. So, it is triple the fun. Yes, it is a dream come true. A single-sex toy can do all the work on its own. No hands or fingers could give you the experience that a rabbit could.

  4. Easy to use.
    Rabbit vibrators are not ordinary dildos. It will hit places where your fingers or your hands cannot reach. Despite being a multitasked device, it is highly user-friendly and easy to use. It has advanced technology where you do not have to set your preferred settings repeatedly. The adjustments can be saved.
    If you prefer a particular level of vibration, you can just easily save it without having to set the levels every time you use it. Most of the work is done by the vibrating rabbit itself. You do not have to tire your hands. Set your desired mode, be it the thrusting mode or something else. The Rabbit Vibrator would take care of the rest. Water-based lubricators work best with the device.
  5. Rabbit Dildos can also be used with a partner.
    As much as we appreciate having fun alone, Rabbit vibrators can also be used with a partner. Both you and your partner can include a Rabbit Vibrator into your intimacy routine. However, consent is the key to having the most fun. You can incorporate it into your foreplay and arouse each other. It also comes in handy if your partner is willing to participate and helps you masturbate with this sex toy.

    Lastly, the body of the vibrating rabbit is made with comfortable silicone. This makes it easier to use on your and your partner’s bodies. It is an excellent stimulator to be used before sex. Not only would it make your sex better, but it will also make you feel much closer to your partner as you reach the peak of orgasm.

Many women do not orgasm only from penetrative sex. Using this device would only open doors to new possibilities, and you would get to know your body better. Rabbit vibrators found here are the answer to all your prayers.

So what are you waiting for? Order your bunny right now!

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