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Our Mission

We aim to mobilize efforts, capacities and resources to protect the political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights .

Our Legal Team

Our legal department, founded in 2016 as an independent not-for-profit organization, functions as a pro bono law firm zealously committed to providing legal services to marginalized communities where international or domestic fundamental human rights and/or environmental violations have occurred.

The organization was developed out of the glaring need for an international network of lawyers to represent groups unable to seek refuge under their own local or regional law.

The team strategically considers cases that have the potential to achieve results for a broad class of people and strengthen fundamental principles of law. By operating in courtrooms and classrooms, we uses an impact litigation approach that seeks not only to effect systemic change but also to provide legal assistance and accountability; promote education and awareness; and strengthen the role of international law in domestic and regional contexts.

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Honorable Directors

Our honorable founders have created a unique network of lawyers, professionals, law schools, and non-governmental organizations, with the aim of creating a wide resource pool of experts in human rights law and environmental law issues; expanding not just to other countries, but across continents.

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