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'Sheikh Jarrah, My Neighbourhood.'

'Sheikh Jarrah, My Neighbourhood.'
Sheikh Jarrah, My Neighborhood follows the story of Mohammad al-Kurd, a Palestinian teenager growing up in the midst of a remarkable nonviolent struggle at the centre of one of the world's most contested cities.

At the age of 13, Mohammad was evicted, along with his family, from their home in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah by Israeli settlers seeking to create a permanent Jewish presence in the area.

Reacting at first with deep anger towards all Israelis, Mohammad was soon exposed to a different part of Israeli society as Israelis from a variety of backgrounds began to arrive in the neighbourhood to support the residents in their struggle to save their homes.

This film follows Mohammad's coming of age over two years of profound upheaval and change in his neighbourhood, and introduces us to key figures in his life, including Tzvi Benninga, a leading Israeli activist who grew up in West Jerusalem and now plays a key part in organising the weekly protests in Sheikh Jarrah.

We also see the perspective of Mohmmad's grandmother, Rifka al-Kurd, who led her family's defiant response to the eviction and is sceptical of the sincerity of the Israeli protestors.

And we hear from the Israeli settlers who displaced Mohammad's family in the name of Jewish control of the land.

Through the prism of a Palestinian boy growing up in East Jerusalem, we see the issue of rights, homes and hope unfold.

Read the full story on Al Jazeera.

Watch the film, My Neighbourhood.


Don't forget Canada, Australia and Newzealand too

Don't forget Canada, Australia and Newzealand too, Chaos.Mossad and macho Natanyahu cresosd a most serious red line with the Dubai Hit, not just with ordinary decent folk around the world, but also and especially with the super-mega rich international corporations who've poured zillions of their investments into Dubai and cannot afford ANY security issues threatening their vastly-vaster-than-vast investments. These are the guys who are the MOST pissed as well as culturally offended, and these same guys are the guys who have powers and can actually do something about it.The oil Arabs have done very little diplomatic' work for the Palestinians since the mid-seventies and they even abandoned them in a ditch when Arafat supported Saddam in Gulf War One.Yet despite the thousand and one fissures in the Arab world, it is not Palestine' that really unites their voices. It is Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem. The (oil) Arabs will NEVER let it go come push or shove or hell or high waters.

Smart way

That's a smart way of tihninkg about it.

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